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       The architecture of homes and offices always keep evolving so that they keep serving to the requirements of people inhabiting it in a desirable manner. E-Coventure Home improvement has always pledged its dedication, technical proficiency and commitment to developing places which reflect fulfilment of every requirement of their clients along with their desires. We have all the necessary clearances from requisite authorities to indulge in construction and modification of buildings on commercial scale along with licenses for provide the domain of designing architecture which we submit at the disposal of our clients. Besides this, our efforts are recognised by well known institutes and groups as environmentally compatible and green in approach.

       We have an organised protocol to follow while indulging in the process of designing or modifying the architecture of any place. First of all, E-Coventure Home improvement technical experts perform varied tests and methods to check for the feasibility context up to which they can stretch their creativity to render comfort, style and efficient functioning facility to that place. We follow the PSA MOB PF2 PS performance standard for our endeavours. Besides the safety factor, we also take into account the acoustic nature of the overall ambience which would come into effect on an eventual basis. The sub floor spacing of the infrastructure is well utilised for mechanical and electrical services. Further, the cooling of the place through air conditioning while sub floor spacing can also be undertaken, depending on clients’ requirement and preference of how they want their place.



Sustainability and

The environmental benefits of E-Coventure access flooring are  being recognised throughout the world...


Latest News

E-Coventure Home improvement is supplying nearly 19,000 sq m of raised flooring to the Admiral insurance group’s new headquarters in the centre of Cardiff.


See our latest press release new contract Admiral Insurance HQ with SRM.



By ensuring that our products and services are environmentally-friendly, E-Coventure is not only helping to protect the environment but is also helping contractors,
architects and developers to enhance their own green credentials.

E-Coventure floor panels played a strong supporting role in a Panasonic TV commercial……

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